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Espresso Branding

Intense Blend Espresso

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  • Dosering

    21 gram

  • Volume

    50 ml

  • Extractie

    28 sec


This is our blend for when you like a nice robust dark chocolate bomb. In itself, this is a small pure bonbon, but it is also the perfect basis for a hearty cappuccino or latte. This bean will not be overpowered by the milk.
Our darkest roasted coffee, but definitely not a 'dark roast'. They are often very bitter and make you quickly tempted to reach for the sugar. We have roasted this coffee in such a way that it stands its ground without the bitters taking the upper hand.

This coffee has a low acidity and pleasant dark chocolate and walnut notes in combination with a full creamy body.


Roast level
Origin Brazil, Minas Gerais
Processing Natural & Pulped Natural.
Variety Mixed
Taste Cacao, Dark Chocolate, Walnut, heavy body, low acidity

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