Espresso Branding

DECAF Colombia, Nariño, Buesaco

Black tea
Citrus fruit
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  • Dosering

    20.5 gram

  • Volume

    45 ml

  • Extractie

    28 sec


Decaf that tastes like the real deal. Due to the Sugarcane Decaf method, only the Caffeine is being extracted leaving all the other flavours intact. Resulting in a brew that, in a blind tasting, might be difficult to point out as decaf. 

This coffee matures slower due to its high altitude. Resulting in a higher nutrient uptake, hence more complexity in the brew with a light zinging acidity and full mouthfeel that keeps on developing. An astonishing piece of work which makes the choice for decaf more enjoyable 


Roast level
Origin Colombia, Antioquia, Nariño
Processing Sugarcane Decaf
Variety Caturra, Pink Bourbon
MASL 1700 - 2200
Flavour Caramel, Vanilla, Raisin